Together, We are the Mistresses and the Masters of our Gender Equality Destiny

Gender Equality Organizational Consultancy

Invictus-Equality aims at providing a safe space to inform on issues sustaining the roots of gender inequalities, to encourage individuals from various genders to be a part of the solution by sharing experiences, tools, knowledge and supportive mentor-ship. Invictus-Equality aims at providing necessary expertise tools and skills to public, corporate and governmental institutions to increase and maintain gender and diversity sensitivity, gender equality and create safe and equal work spaces for All.

We can help your organization with (but not limited to):

  • Gender Audits and Sustainable and Equal and Safe work place for All procedures
  • Readiness, prevention and adequate responsiveness to gender issues at work place
  • Readiness, prevention and adequate responsiveness to sexual harassment
  • Diversity preparedness, maintenance and training
  • Local and international sustainable gender equality strategies and programming development, implementation and evaluation
  • Sustainable -global or local- partnerships development and maintenance
  • Gendered succession planning
  • Strategic Planning& Proposal writing
  • Excellence in International VolunteeringSeminars
  • Mentorship and giving back

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