Together, We are the Mistresses and the Masters of our Gender Equality Destiny

International Development Consultancy

Gender inequality has been acknowledged as an integrated component of development by international institutions such as the UN through the identification of the SDGs. In this global competitive era, a laser focused expertise related are required to achieve those goals, yet, the reality is that no organization can have all expertise in house. Invictus-Equality is aware of such and is ready to provide the answers to your concerns through customizedsupport and make available relevant individuals or relevant teams from itsseasoned experts even on a short notice.

Why work with us as International Development Strategists?

Because we bring:

  • 2 decades of experience working locally and globally on Gender Equality.
  • 2 decades of experience working with the general public and NGOs sectors, the private sector, ministries and governmental institutions to promote gender equality, to decrease gender-based-violence, to increase women and girl’s leadership, women’s economic empowerment and diversity and to decrease sexual harassment and racial and gender discrimination.
  • Qualified in capacity enhancement, responsiveness to and achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

A network of highly knowledgeable, available and free to travel experts and organizations across the globe, we can provide the needed expert or group of experts to help you with:

Sustainable local, regional or International development strategies and programming development and implementation addressing the SDGs including:

  • Building and maintaining local, multi-sectorial, multi-countries transformative partnerships in the fields of:
  • Gender and education, Gender-based violence, greater access to justice, human trafficking
  • Women and girls in politics and leadership, Economic empowerment,
  • Gender and heath,Gender, agriculture, climate change and new energies,
  • Gender Equality, Positive Masculinity and men engagement,
  • Monitoring and evaluation,
  • Organizational development,
  • Strategic planning, and Resource Mobilization Strategies.

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